Our Staff

Head Coach:  Edward Friedman


As a gymnast in the Illinois High School program, Ed learned the fundamentals which he still applies today.  Hard work, positive goal setting, and a little sarcastic humor go a long way to developing strong athletes.

As well as a recognized leader in the gymnastics community he is the Washington State Men’s Chairmen for USA Gymnastics and sits on the Region II Board of Directors.  Also, he is a Nationally Certified judge and has judged gymnastics meets from the Local Level all the way to Junior Olympic National Championships!

His view of teaching kids to work hard and learn to work independently is laced throughout the Boy’s team program.  He is excited everyday to help the kids in the program achieve more then they believed possible!

Head Coach:  Candy Friedman

Candy’s gymnastics credentials stem back to her time as an Age Group Competitor in Arizona State.  She is a 3 time Vault Champion whose claim to fame comes from having competed against Olympian Kerry Strug!