Mile High Gymnastics
General Trampoline Safety Suggestions


Trampolines are a lot of fun!  However, like many activities a very thin line separates exciting from scary.  And with a rebounding device once an injury occurs it can be made worse by the action of the Trampoline.  Although the below list is not necessarily ALL of the rules and by no means can any list make a trampoline completely safe.  However, these are the rules we use in our Gymnastics Facility and we teach them in our Trampoline Safety Classes.

  • Supervise Trampolines at all times.*
  • Only one person on a Trampoline at a time.  ==>  EVER!*
  • Learn how to stop your bounce.
  • Safety Nets are a backup.  Don't trust them to stop you.
  • Climb onto and off a Trampoline.  Never jump on or off.
  • Do Not jump onto a Trampoline from an elevated surface.
  • Be aware of the weight restrictions of a trampoline.
  • Never bounce with items on the tramp bed i.e. Balls, toys, etc.
Set up thoughts:
  •  Trampolines should be set up in flat unobstructed area.
  • Clear an area twice the Diameter of the Trampoline.
  • The legs all need to be flat and firmly placed on the ground.
  • Do not place trampoline in an area where people might be tempted to jump onto the trampoline.
 **  It may seem silly that a Trampoline needs to be supervised, but I would recomend thinking of it similar to a pool.  It only takes a second for a bad thing to happen and the results can be tragic.  Never let anyone use a trampoline with out proper adult supervision.

If you come to a gymnastics facility you may see coaches bouncing with their athletes.  This is a skill which is taught to coaches.  It is incredibly easy to hurt someone else on the trampoline.  Even parents shouldn't bounce with little ones.  Let them learn to bounce the trampoline on their own or simply use your hands to create a "bounce" for them to feel.  In class environment, we will show parents how to safely bounce with children.



Please feel free to email me your rules and or thoughts on this topic.

Have fun Bouncing!!!!!